Notice of Public Auction of Abandoned Aircraft

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the N6365P aircraft was determined to be
abandoned and taken into custody by the Santa Maria Public Airport pursuant to
Resolution 922 of the Board of Directors of the Santa Maria Public Airport

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN THAT a public auction will take place June 29th,
2023, at the Santa Maria Public Airport located at 3249 Terminal Drive, Santa
Maria, CA 93455, online at, pursuant to the above-reference
Resolution and Code of Civil Procedure 1208.61 et. seq. The above-referenced
aircraft will be sold at the public auction. The property being sold was owned or
held on behalf of the Registered Owner of N6365P. The sale will be held to
satisfy the lien for charges of storage and safekeeping of the aircraft, plus the cost
of advertising and the expense of the sale. The terms of sale are: cash in lawful
money of the United States, with sale going to the highest bidder in competitive
bidding. The property must be paid for and removed by the purchaser within 30
days of purchase. Please contact the General Manager of the Santa Maria Public
Airport at 805-922-1726 for more information.