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What address can I use on the Internet to get driving directions to the Airport?

In the destination box, you can either enter the Airport code (SMX) or insert the following street address:

Santa Maria Public Airport
3249 Terminal Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Where do I get off of the 101 freeway to go to the Airport?

Going northbound on 101 freeway:
1. Get off at Betteravia Road exit and turn left onto Betteravia Road.
2. Continue west to Skyway Drive (also Blosser Road) and turn left.
3. Follow Skyway Drive until you come to Terminal Drive and turn right.
4. You will be right at the Airport.

Going southbound on 101 freeway:
1. Get off at Betteravia Road exit and turn right onto Betteravia Road.
2. Continue west to Skyway Drive (also Blosser Road) and turn left.
3. Follow Skyway Drive until you come to Terminal Drive and turn right.
4. You will be right at the Airport.

Terminal Hours

What are the hours that the terminal building is open?

Every day from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


What kind of vehicle parking is available? How close is the parking? How much does it cost?

Parking is free and within walking distance to the terminal building at the Airport. Short and long-term parking is available in front of the passenger terminal building. Passenger vehicles can be left a maximum of 14-days without obtaining prior permission from the Airport Manager. Longer stays can be arranged by contacting the Airport Administration at (805) 922-1726 or by filling out the “Long Term Parking Information” form at the District Office. In the event of aviation security issues, parking locations may change without prior notice. Vehicles parked in violation of the parking regulation or aviation security measures will be ticketed, towed, and impounded at the owner’s expense.

Long Term Parking Form

Airline Information

Baggage issues. I haven’t got my luggage back yet, who do I contact?

United Airlines: 1-800-335-2247
Allegiant Airlines: (866) 719-3910

Can I meet someone or escort them to the gate?

Only passengers with tickets to travel on that day are permitted past security checkpoints to the gate areas. Those wishing to meet someone in the terminal building can wait in the areas just before the checkpoints, or meet in the baggage claim areas. Please contact your airline if you have special circumstances regarding gate access.

Can I take food or beverages with me onto the commercial airline?

Contact your airline for full information.

Can I transport my pet on the commercial airline(s)?

Contact your airline for pet restrictions.

Does the Airport have an observation deck?

Yes. The observation deck is located in the middle of the terminal building near the restaurant.

Does the Airport have smoking areas?

Smoking is NOT permitted in the Airport, except in designated areas outside of the terminal.

Does the Airport offer Wireless Internet access?

Yes, wireless internet access is free at the Airport.

How can I check the status of a flight online?

Using the airline name and flight numbers, you can check the flight status at This site is not affiliated with Santa Maria Airport and we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided on this site. To further check the status of a particular flight, check with your airline. Your best source for information regarding departure delays due to local conditions and procedures is your airline, via phone or their website.

How do I have someone paged?
  • Call: (805) 925-6257.
How early should I arrive prior to my flight?

Passengers should arrive at the Airport at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of a domestic flight, and two hours prior to the scheduled departure of an international flight.

I am going to be late arriving at the Airport, who can I call?

Contact your airline.

I have medications or a medical device, can I take it on the commercial flight?

Contact your airline ahead of time.

I just booked my flight and have not received a confirmation on my booking, and itinerary of my flight. How do I get them?

Please check your airline website or go to our Airlines & Flight Schedules for links to the airlines flying out of Santa Maria.

Is it still possible to drop off and pick up someone in front of a terminal?

Yes, vehicles are permitted to pull up curbside, but ONLY for ACTIVE loading and unloading. Vehicles left unattended at the curb will be towed.

Is there a pet relief area at the airport?

Contact the District Office at (805) 922-1726 or the Airport Police for instructions.

Is there an A.T.M. machine in the Terminal Building?

Yes. It is located near Pepper Garcia’s Restaurant in the middle of the terminal by the front doors.

Is there assistance for minors traveling alone?

To obtain assistance for minors traveling alone, please contact your airline.

Lost Items. Who do I contact if I have lost something at the Airport?

Check with the Airport Police Department at (805) 925-4086.

What are the telephone contact numbers for the airlines at the Airport, and their ticket counter hours?

Allegiant Air: (702) 505-8888
Counter hours: Usually for one hour after the flight has left the Airport.

United Airlines-Coming Fall 2021.

What can I pack in my bags?

For the latest regulations regarding prohibited items, please check the TSA website. In compliance with U.S. federal government security regulations, bags may only be checked within four hours of departure. Also, for your convenience it is advisable to pack medicines, jewelry and other valuables in your carry-on baggage rather than checking bags containing these items.

What size and how many carry-ons can I take with me on the airline?

Contact your airline for specific dimensions and how many carry-ons you can take on the airline with you.

General Aviation

I am a general aviation pilot, have left my aircraft inside of the Airport Operations Area and now need to get back to my plane. What do I need to do?

You need to be escorted back into the A.O.A. by Airport Police, a Santa Maria Public Airport employee or, if you have been to Pepper Garcia’s Restaurant, have an authorized restaurant employee escort you back.

I am supposed to meet a private airplane at the Airport, where do I go to meet them?

Either at an FBO or transient parking at the Radisson Hotel.

Ground Transportation

I live north of Santa Maria. How do I get public transportation to the Airport?

Contact the Regional Transit Authority in San Luis Obispo at (805) 541-2228 or (805) 781-4472. They connect with SMAT in Santa Maria on their Route 4. The SMAT bus phone number is (805) 928-5624.



I was wondering how to apply for a job at the Airport or one of the airlines at the Santa Maria Airport. Do I have to check online for each individual airline or is there another way to apply to work at one of the airlines in Santa Maria?

Please check the airline, FBO, and car rental websites or check airport employment opportunities. Currently there are no vacancies for the Airport; however, the airlines or FBOs may have an employment opportunity.

Vandenberg AFB Launches

Where can I view rocket launches from Vandenberg AFB?

All launches from Vandenberg AFB are announced in advance by the Air Force and in Launch Alert. For locations and more information please visit:

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