Clubs From Across Country Visit Annual Event

Triumph sports car owners across the country are congregating in Santa Maria for a weekend of fun-filled driving, competition and camaraderie dubbed Triumphest. 

Drivers started gathering at the Radisson hotel on Thursday afternoon, washing and polishing every make, model and year from Triumph TR2s to TR8s. Bone stock — original owner cars — arrived at the same time as highly modified engineering marvels and “barn-find” beaters.

Triumphest, hosted by the Southern California Triumph Owners Association, originated in 1986 in Pismo Beach, dreamed up by a few Triumph enthusiasts who wanted to share their cars and have fun.

The event has blossomed into a full-fledged yearly blowout, a spokesman said, with members from Triumph clubs across the country traveling to California to enjoy the roads and sun. 

On Thursday afternoon, drivers started participating in a number of contests, including the Uff Da, where people were invited to share hard-luck stories about their travels to Triumphest in hopes of winning the Uff Da Award.

Other events today and Saturday include an autocross, where participants navigate through a miniature road course marked with pylons; a fun rally, where drivers travel through the Santa Maria Valley’s countryside roads; and the funkhana, an opportunity for participants to test their driving skills, while their partners perform feats of dexterity. 

The sports cars will be on display for residents who visit the Radisson hotel at the Santa Maria Public Airport through Saturday. For more information, visit

9/26/14  Santa Maria Times •  Staff report