The skies above the Santa Maria Public Airport were filled with smoke, black-and-yellow parachutes and the rumble of radial engines Sunday afternoon as the 26th annual Thunder Over the Valley air show wrapped up.

A highlight for many spectators was the display of aerial teamwork by the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team, whose members performed a series of maneuvers as they fell earthward, slowed only by their skill and colorful canopies.

The team also impressed spectators from the ground by demonstrating how they pack their parachutes and explaining how they skydive in tight formation.

Spectators also thrilled to the aerobatics of Bill Cornick in his Pitts biplane and John Collver in his SNJ5 War Dog, both trailing colorful smoke as they performed loops, dives and rolls above the crowd.

The show also included new and historical aircraft displayed on the tarmack as well as food and vendor booths.

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