Santa Maria Airport Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology

Travelers at the Santa Maria Public Airport are now enjoying one more benefit at Central California’s most convenient airport.  SMX has installed a flight information display system which provides targeted, real-time data that is extremely accurate.


As one of the first airports in the nation to use this technology, the Santa Maria Public Airport is providing its customers better, more reliable flight information than much bigger airports such as LAX or SFO.


New flat screen monitors at the ticket counter and in the waiting area are linked to technology from ProDIGIQ which uses multiple sources, including FAA data, to constantly update the status of flights.  This is a significant improvement from the traditional system which requires human data entry and is subject to errors and delays.  The flight data is also available on the airport web site at


ProDIGIQ has its technology in ten airports nationwide, with plans to add six more before the end of 2010.  The company’s brain trust is primarily UCSB graduates.


In addition to the flight information, travelers enjoy entertainment and news/weather information on the screen in the waiting area.  ProDIGIQ’s advanced technology allows the programming to be customized for passengers.  For example, while travelers are waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas, they will view news and weather information for that city and see commercials for businesses in that city.


Local businesses are finding the opportunity to advertise on the ProDIGIQ system to be a very efficient way to target travelers.  The advertising revenue helps offset the cost of the newly installed system.  The Santa Maria Public Airport District would like to thank the following businesses for their advertising commitment which helped to make this improvement possible:  Fischer’s Fine Jewelry, Radisson Hotel, Historic Santa Maria Inn, Santa Barbara Family Dentistry, Silverado Stages, Ufirst Urology,  Jonathan Ziv, DDS, and Agoura Sash & Door.


For advertising information please contact Chris Hastert at (805) 922-1726 or .


The ProDIGIQ system, free parking and a large, modern terminal are some of the reasons the number of passengers continues to grow at SMX.

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