Santa Maria Airport Staff, Board to get new handle on Leases

The Santa Maria Public Airport Board of Directors is going to have to get computer savvy very quickly when it gets its hands on a new software system that will allow the directors to easily monitor all of the details of the airport’s many leases.


The board will get a presentation on the new secured web-based system Thursday when it meets at 7 p.m. at the airport administration building.


“We started developing the software over a year ago,” said General Manager Chris Hastert, adding the company, ProDIGIQ, was a start-up company from UCSB students. “Now it’s out of Calabasas doing work with a lot of airports.”


The company offers safety, operations, maintenance and lease management systems to airports.


The new software will allow the five directors to track almost every aspect of the airport’s numerous leases, which include everything from take-offs and landings, grazing and farm land to fuel flow and rental cars with a few clicks of a mouse.


“It tracks pretty much everything we want it to do, and when we think of other things, they add those in for us,” Hastert said.


A number of those leases are up for renewal and are included on the board’s consent agenda.

Among them are the Gresser Inc. sublease to Ochoa Farming of 54 acres and a pair of 12-acre parcels.


The board will also consider awarding a contract for roofing repair of the airport’s paint hangar to Derrick’s Roofing, Inc. of Santa Barbara. The company provided the lowest of seven qualifying bids at $119,800, well below the engineer’s estimate of $130,000.


7/11/12   By Brian Bullock/Staff Writer/

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