Santa Maria Company ArtCraft is Behind Colorful Airplane Paint Job

2014-01-11T01:00:00Z Brilliant mural Hawaii-BoundBen Miller/ Santa Maria Times

In its first collaboration with Eugene, Oregon-based airplane artist and former aviator John Stahr, ArtCraft hopes to complete work on a mural for a Hawaii-bound tour plane on Monday. 

The mural depicts Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele, coming out of a volcano on the right side of the Cessna’s tail and a hula girl with water flowing through her hands on the other. The scenes then descend onto the fuselage, depicting waves, a whale and islands in the distance.

Stahr has worked 12-hour days on the project for about five days in preparation for the plane flying to the Aloha State for use in the Big Island Air Company. ArtCraft, which is located by the Santa Maria Public Airport, has painted aircraft and worked on their interiors for more than 20 years, according to customer support representative, Michael Spingler.

The group is currently doing work for clients from Brazil to Idaho. While some clients seek simple stripe designs, he said projects like the colorful Hawaiian mural is what he hopes they will ask for.

“I like to see our customers come in here for a radically beautiful paint job,” Spingler said.

January 11, 2014 •  Ben Miller/