Aloha and all that stuff

Even people who live in a paradise like the Central Coast sometimes want to go to Hawaii — and the Santa Maria Public Airport, other local officials and Allegiant Air have made that easier for us.

Allegiant last week announced nonstop jet service from Santa Maria to Honolulu International, beginning in mid-November, which you could say would make it convenient to celebrate the outcome of the presidential election, no matter who wins.

For anyone, Hawaii would be a nice place to unwind after the months of mud-slinging we’ll all have to endure leading up to the Nov. 6 vote.

Allegiant’s decision to offer the direct flight was a collaborative effort. The feds joined hands with local government officials to facilitate the new offering. Finishing the 1,700-foot runway extension was expedited. The local Chamber of Commerce made a drive-home-the-point presentation to Allegiant officials.

Allegiant has added this service to Hawaii from just six western locations, so Santa Maria being one of them is a big deal.

This is yet another demonstration of positive economic growth on the Central Coast. It also shows that the world of commerce has confidence in the Santa Maria area as a business hub worthy of attention.

So, let’s all say aloha.

 May 24, 2012

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